Exceeding your care standards, one by one
happy caregiver assisting a senior man on walker

We understand that every homebound individual needs a companion that can cater to their physical, mental, and social needs. This can only be made possible by home care services that seek to uphold every individual’s integrity through careful planning and supervision, collaboration with the client’s care team, constant communication and education, and mutual respect for the client’s and their family’s choices.

Standard Home Healthcare Inc. is the agency every family can trust to bring their loved ones to safety and wellness. Through the care and guidance administered by our professionals, we stay confident in providing every individual with the right support for their healthier approach to living.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing care and support that don’t only meet industry standards but also surpass them, enabling many individuals to experience a life of independence, confidence, and integrity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leaders of quality home care and support, providing a safe and healthy community where clients, caregivers, family members, and other care staff can live with mutual respect and sympathy for each other.

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